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What's up?

4.th international Blues Festival Osijek 2008 is in preparation. The concert will take place in Hotel Central and will last for five days. Festival begins 01. 12. 2008 ....






Shows (Radio shows)


Jazz 'round the midnight

The show is a "patchwork" of the best pieces of the „Great Black Music“ art, modifyed for a wider auditorium. It avoids the academic vocabulary so it would be easier and more transperant for the media public. Accordingly the show (210 and counting) is displaying an increased number of listeners each year. The concept is based on modern and verified methods of presentation; and with tekstual research and music elaboration it travels through the history of all relevant Jazz achievements.

Radio plus 92,7 Mhz
On air – Mondays at midnight CET


Still got the blues

Is a new media/musical show represented before the 1st international gala blues festival. The feedback was more then most of us expected so the art collegium; chaired by the director Alberto Krasnić, decided to make it a regular radio show. Aired 146 times so far.

Radio plus 92,7 Mhz
On air– Sundays at midnight CET


U klasičnom raspoloženju (In classical mood)

As the last two musical idioms concored the air, in September 2007 the redaction decided to develope a new show as the media counterpart of the previous two. During last seven months the show is on a journey through the history of this Grand Art interpreting the greatness and the purpous of classical music. It doesn't follow any chronological order. Each show is a moment-inspired choice of author, sometimes in reference with a historically significent date.

Radio plus 92,7 Mhz
On air – Tusedays at midnight CET


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