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What's up?

4.th international Blues Festival Osijek 2008 is in preparation. The concert will take place in Hotel Central and will last for five days. Festival begins 01. 12. 2008 ....






Sveart (AllArt)

SVEART is a project developed by the Student Board of the Economy Faculty of Osijek. The youth population of Osijek doesn't have an adequate disposition of cultural content that they could use for a meaningfull usage of their free time.The developers of this project are trying to solve this problem in the following manner:


  1. Music Workshops – desinged in a way that renoun experts (mr. sc. Nino Zubčević – science collaborator at Juilliard - New York, Royal Academy in Londonu, author of 3 books; Vjekoslav Miling as demonstrator; dr. Ennio Stipčević – member of HAZU; prof. Miloš Krstić; Ladislav Fidri; Alberto Krasnić) give lectures on a specific instrument. On our first year we have decided to develope a guitar class with a choice of a rock or jazz course. In time we will expand the course to more instruments.

  2. Speech Workshop – many of the students today lack the skill of eloquency and speech. The main reason is the lack of a place where they could learn and practice these skills. This workshop should ensure that our students become eloquent and skillful people when they finish their academic education.

  3. Art workshop – there is a need among students to expres their feelings in painting but often lack motivation. This workshop is designed as a colony where the youth can exchange their experiances and motivate themselves to explore their painting talent. With the help of our experts we would like to improve this talent into the love for Art.

  4. Literature nights – designed as a display of the student literature works. Each class will host an expert in the genre of the specific literature night.

  5. Theatre plays – a small theatre with a maximum of 10 performers (limited by space and the set). The plays would consist of drama and chamber program with a lecture on the theatre (or the play) history. The plays, composers and the artists will be aranged with HNK (Croatian national theatre) represented by the intendant, Vlaho Ljutić.

  6. Concerts – during 30 academic weeks we would like to offer just as many concerts including jazz, rock, blues and classical; all performed by renoun artists from the world music set.