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4.th international Blues Festival Osijek 2008 is in preparation. The concert will take place in Hotel Central and will last for five days. Festival begins 01. 12. 2008 ....








Creative music workshop establishes an enviroment where jazz performance can be seen as an academic skill associated with modern educational and technological aids - video, DVD, CD, live performance. Considering this is a complex and layered matter it is of upmost importance to have continuous classes on the subject. This demanding subject requires a serious ingress filled not only with oral lectures but also with all the necessary content to give it a wide and protean perspective. The concept would start with the creation of jazz art, that is creation of the blues - the roots of jazz. Each class would have an individual theme determined in a historical context. The lectures will cover all the relevant artists that have written the jazz history. This creative workshop will carry out all the educational and technical demands, and in doing so it will slowly but surely include us in the european cultural circle. We tend to become a part of the civilized european corpus and we belive that this is the way of getting there.


Seeing the world through paintings and drawings is a few people privilege. Forming of such skills happens at a very young age and the presence of an expert is necessary to preserve that talent and shield it from a variety of similar exact disciplines. Only through an educational approach can these skills shape to take a long run ambitious goal. This workshop will be a confrontation of all the potential deirved from theme lectures and demonstrations in order to bring up those individuals that will continue their improvement mentored by experts. The key factor will be the ambiciousness of the expert collegium. They will pass the knowledge to the youth in order to evolve their potential and make them function in their time and space. Kao presudan faktor držimo ambicioznost i meritornost stručnog kolegija koji će prenositi znanja na mlade ljude čije potencijale valja oplemeniti i učiniti ih funkcionalnim u vremenu i prostoru u kojem djeluju. Kreativna likovna radionica bit će na dispoziciji gosp. Vladi Frketiću čovjeku koji je sam svojim talentom i predanim radom bez utjecaja i intervencija sa strane zaslužio izložbeni prostor u Parizu koji zahvaljuje prof. Pincassu sa Buzzara koji je za razliku od hrvatskih formalista i pseudo intelektualaca znao prepoznati širinu i kompleksnost Frketićeve vizije i snažne individualnosti koja ne kodira i ne pripada nikakvom kompromisu jer iza nje stoji izvorna naturalna snaga koja ne gubi fokus i u svakom trenutku svjesna svojeg puta pronalazi najkraći put do konzumenta.


In this workshopl gives special attention to classical music wich determines the european music heritage. It explores the essence of the historically significent moments that have drawn out this great music art. Using practical demonstration we wish to further improve the knowledge and creative horisonts of the young people hoping to induce their individuality and music personality. One who understands the historicall context of those before him will become a true witness of the present. Modern balet and modern choreography are in close connection to classical music. Miss Marija Ščekić has graduated modern dance and choreography at a dance faculty of "Concordia" University of Montreal, Canada. She took part in this years Osijek Summer of Culture and in an ingenious way demonstrated her dancing and choreography skills. Miss Marija offered her help and was made a supervisor of this workshop. With this kind of support the success of this workshop (and the entire project) is guaranteed.


Greatest thoughts and ideas of man kind are a result of perfectly assembled words and that is a talent and a privilege of a few people. In the electronic and technological presence a written word is the only intact identity of the homo sapiens. With this in mind we are starting a creative literature workshop that will be run by prof. Vjekoslav Bizjak and mr.sc. Kristina Petrnai, with the help of other lectors and animators. In a harsh selection their goal will be to bring out those individuals whose skills have already advanced, and to give them all the required help, in order for them to further advance their talents, develope their personality, and become the next generation of history makers. With help from the city and the university library headed by prof. Dragutin Katalenac we'll have the opportunity to organize numerous promotions and lectures with renoun authors and lectors.